Mushoku (2012) is a modified version of SUIN's DRRR-Like-Chat (2010) and is maintained by schnabear, a member of the now defunct N33T (NEET) Group.

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Do you have the ability to translate? Contact us now!! Do you know how to create an avatar which looks standard and is based on setton's icon with a size of 58x58? Submit one nao (JK)!! Not all avatars used here are originally created by the maintainers some were from the contributors, The Dollars, The Colorless, DRRRCHAT, and Maboroshi.


A site is incomplete without the special thanks section so special thanks to the contributors as mentioned above, SUIN, Edensoi, BlueLovers, The Colorless, Hidden Wuffles, The Dollars, Maboroshi, DRRR-US, and DOLLARS PH.